Community action

Since it began, LE MOULIN À MUSIQUE has been endeavouring to contribute to children’s well-being by raising their awareness to music and the arts. On a wider scale, the company believes that art is essential to the growth of all children, big or small, and that getting to know a form of art can help them move forward. Through enriching, intense and vivid artistic encounters, LE MOULIN À MUSIQUE is opening horizons and stimulating children’s minds and creativity.

By striving for one’s best and reaching for a common goal through art, one is given access to a greater quality of life through moments of pride, enrichment and serenity.

The cultural mediation activities offered with the various MOULIN À MUSIQUE creations allow children to:

  • Come into contact with unique creative artists;
  • Increase their awareness to music and other artistic forms;
  • Explore and experience a creative process that includes research, production, rehearsals, interpretation and the performance of a collective work;
  • Develop pride by playing a collective piece of music or theatre or creating visual art;
  • Discover, through exploration and experimentation, one’s strengths, weaknesses and those of one’s classmates;
  • Acquaint themselves with the concept of solidarity in order for a common work to be coherent and powerful.

In addition, contact with creation

  • Stimulates imagination and the curiosity of children and increases their awareness to music;
  • Appeals to the sensitivity and attention needed to listen to an artistic work;
  • Develops children’s artistic taste and their critical sense.

Children’s enthusiasm, energy and high level of involvement in the various events and sessions demonstrate the major impact of LE MOULIN À MUSIQUE activities.

Teachers, or adults accompanying children, also point out the quality of the productions, the performances, the vocabulary and style used. They also appreciate the importance given to kids and their respect for dramatic and musical works. These comments are often expressed and confirm the benefits of our action in communities.

If you are interested in supporting LE MOULIN À MUSIQUE, please mail your contribution to:


5350 Lafond Street

Montréal, (Québec), Canada

H1X 2X2