Word from the artistic director


Since my early childhood, music and theatre have put down roots in my life and allowed me for now more than thirty years to convey my passion to children and the adults who accompany them.

This passion comes through in the productions that we create and whose goal is to awaken children’s musical curiosity. By incorporating various disciplines such as theatre and music, we offer to children another way of opening their ears, experiencing music and finding inspiration.

The performers on stage are mediators, lamplighters and initiators. Invested with this mission, the artists of Le Moulin à Musique are involved in the creative process and send thrills through the work thanks to their talent and sensitivity. This long and patient work allows them to convincingly play their characters and brilliantly perform the instrumental pieces in the work.

Live performances provide a marvellous opportunity to bring people together, communicate and share. In the website, you will find original and innovative creations that appeal to the intelligence and the sensitivity of children 3 to 12.

By offering to children creations tailored to their exuberant and spur-of-the-moment imagination, we are putting sparkle in their eyes. Thank you for contributing to our mission.

Marie-Hélène da Silva