Le Secret de la Maîtresse rouge


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To make La Maîtresse rouge more accessible to elementary schools, LE MOULIN À MUSIQUE came up with the “Culture in the School” project that encourages the transfer of knowledge between artists, children and teachers and enhances the existing artistic proposal.

Patterned as a cultural mediation, a special contact is established with two 6th grade classes whose involvement in a project where they will have to do their best is required.

The Secret of La Maîtresse rouge:
A Culture in the School Project

Starting with a sound and idea exploration workshop, musician and teacher Marie-Hélène da Silva entrusts this partner group with the mission of keeping the upcoming visit of the red teacher at school a secret. The promise becomes a source of pride and creates a sense of belonging throughout the preparation of the special day.

Also involved are the principal and the teachers who must keep the concert activity at school a secret in order to maintain the suspense during the quartet’s visit. To end on a high note, the four musicians meet the students in sub-groups to provide an added opportunity for personal encounters and exchanges with the partner group.

Download informations and song’s lyrics (PDF – French only)