Big Fat Paul

A contemporary musical tale for 8 to 12 years old kids

In cooperation with Ensemble contemporain de Montréal (ECM+) and music coach Véronique Lacroix

Baby Paul was born in the middle of a huge commotion… Little Paul quickly grows larger and larger becoming huge and gargantuan. In his mind, to have is to be. He keeps swallowing down everything he lays his hands on: computers, house, father and mother. The little ogre is feeling very lonely. So he calls on the media to tell people of his condition, exert his power and keep demanding more and more and having it right now!

Alphonsine, his cure-all aunt, will try to save him, but on one condition. He must promise to stop eating for the sheer sake of it. Will the unruly Paul finally listen?

Greed and gluttony express an inordinate need for and a craving to keep having more and more. Such is the focus of this very modern-day tale. Witness a spectacular transformation and an implacable and grotesque demonstration as chronic over-consumption affects Big Fat Paul. The intense contemporary music gives rhythm to this story of wantonness. Big Fat Paul is born of a clash, indeed an unusual meeting between two opposing worlds.



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photo - Big Fat Paul
AGE: 8 TO 12 years old
and families
DURATION:50 min.
AUDIENCE SIZE:350 children
STAGE SIZE: 22' x 16' x 11' (W x P x H)
KEYWORDS: contemporary, gluttony, greed, more, more and even more…


Creative team:


  • Xavier Huard: story-teller, singer
  • Flavie Gagnon: violonist
  • Nicolas Lessard: double bass player/bass guitarist
  • Allan Sutton: keyboard player

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Photos: Aude Vanlathem

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