A wordless musical production for 3 to 8 years old kids

In coproduction with Les Jeunesses Musicales du Canada

She has one head, two arms, two legs and… a violin. She wears her soul on her arm. Fiddlehead dreams of birds flying, but she alsopulses on all strings, sometimes in darker tones, sometimes in lighter ones and at times quivering, but always in fun.

Discover an enigmatic character, her stringed partner and a performance that combines movement, music and imagination. Open your ears to a sequence of mystery-filled moments, odd sounds, sensations, feelings that say it all.


photo - Fiddlehead!
AGE: 3 TO 8 years old
DURATION:40 min.
AUDIENCE SIZE:100 children
STAGE SIZE: 21’ x 12’ x 10’ (W x P x H)
KEYWORDS: violin, movement, imagination, strange sounds, auditory sensations



Creative team

  • Artistic director and concept initiator: Marie-Hélène da Silva
  • Playwright and director: Joël da Silva
  • Technician/musician: Frédérique Lapointe
  • Prop Designer: Nancy Bussières
  • Programmer: Benoît Brodeur
  • Costume Designer and lamp Dressing: Laurence Binette et Madeleine Leduc
  • Set Construction: Christian Hamel


Word of the playright

Playfulness is at the very heart of my work with music. Playfulness extends everywhere and has no other end than the beauty of playing. Being playful will always be more evocative than a profound preconceived message.

Games reveal humans in the flesh, be they famished, vulnerable or spiritual. I love building on “mishaps” that bring out the way our subconscious operates. In fact, these “mishaps” are achievements.

Joël da Silva

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Photos: Aude Vanlathem

Excerpt without words

French excerpt

…a playful production that seems to be incoherent at first, in which the main character has fun with her violin, discovers sounds, noises and melodies. She exudes whimsy. In the words of Joël da Silva, you know nothing about her. You don’t where she comes from or where she is going. Yet the whole show builds like a tight-fitting puzzle even though the moods vary widely at times and there is no explaining the changes. Imagine children playing. When they play, they rebuild the whole world…

…for the production, Marie-Hélène da Silva mentions that she used her clowning skills, along with her absent-mindedness. Joël da Silva struck a delicate balance between lyricism and funniness avoiding the dictatorship of poetry that children often cannot grasp…

…Marie-Hélène da Silva believes that a production needs breathing space. That is one of the qualities of Fiddlehead as it tickles the imagination thanks to what is unspoken, the movements… (translation) »

Josée Lapointe, La Presse, 04/28/12

There are no upcoming performances for this production.

Past shows

  • 03 September 2017
    Tête de violon! en Corée all day
    Tournée de 8 représentations en Corée du sud