La Maîtresse rouge

A musical happening for 4 to 12 years old kids

In association with Culture in the school Program



One day or another, we all need someone to help us build up our confidence or find our way. La Maîtresse rouge will provide this breath of hope to four brooding girls.

La Maîtresse rouge is a unifying musical and poetic event. This innovative experience requires the collaboration of all the teaching staff, who are asked to keep the visit of the Maîtresse rouge a secret. The piece starts off with a cryptic song. The students learn it by heart until the day that La Maîtresse rouge slips discretely into the school, accompanied by her string quartet. The four musicians walk through the halls playing their instrument, awakening the curiosity of the students. It is followed by a theatrical concert where the children are asked to sing along the song learned in class.

Study Guide


A STUDY GUIDE and CD containing musical excerpts and the song to be learned are sent to the school to prepare children for the upcoming performance.

Culture in the school


To make La Maîtresse rouge and its string quartet more accessible to elementary schools, LE MOULIN À MUSIQUE came up with the “Culture at School” project that encourages the transfer of knowledge between artists, school children and teachers, and enhances the existing artistic proposal.

photo - La Maîtresse rouge
AGE: 4 TO 12 years old
DURATION:60 min.
AUDIENCE SIZE:200 children
STAGE SIZE: 25’ x 20’ x 10’ (W x P x H)
KEYWORDS: String Quartet, Self-Esteem




  • Marie-Hélène da Silva, Janick Simard, Émilie Caron and Marie-Lise Ouellet

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Photos: Sylvie Renaud


An invigorating and unusual musical event that will stimulate your brain cells »

Françoise Robert, Le Magazine Enfants-Québec, September 2000

The involvement of the teaching staff contributes enormously to this enterprise, which is quite unique in Quebec. (…) It is very rare to see music and theatre so at home in a school. »

Marie-Andrée Brault, Cahiers de théâtre Jeu, May 28, 2000


The physical presence of the musicians brings real musical life to the school, that of musicians who take pleasure in their art and in sharing it with the audience. This pleasure was palpable among the artists as well as among the children.” »

Natalie Bélanger, Providence School, Saint-Luc, May 14, 2001

A very very beautiful production, sensitive, intelligent, poetic that is geared to what is best in each of us. »

Marie-Josée Loubot, Notre-Dame school, Huntingdon, October 30, 2007

There are no upcoming performances for this production.