A wordless musical production for audiences 4 years and up.

CREATED on December 5 and 6, 2014 at la Maison de la culture Rosemont. 

Strangeties is a performance that comprises a series of dramatic scenes based on raw, soft, sweet-sounding or screeching sounds. This means of expression and exploration revolves around the violin and opens audiences to daring musical avenues.

The merging of body and violin generates creatures with their own body language. They sound happy, wild, old, inspired or even strange. Yet they emerge and then disappear along with the moods they gleaned here and there in the world’s memory.

Creatures is a musical play without words in which the main character expresses herself using her instrument, the violin, her voice, and her body, in various, and at times, unusual ways, creating distinctive moods.   Equally playful, tender, mischievous, and comical, she laughs, whispers, and babbles, sharing with the audience the full range of her emotions.

From early on, children create their own language with sounds and gestures acquired by observing the world around them.   By appropriating what they perceive, and then, by exploring and transforming these tones and motions, children find unique and creative ways to express themselves.  

Creatures, by escaping the world of words, invites the audience to travel through grounds where the imagination reigns, where touching stories are told through music and gestures.

photo - Strangeties
AGE: 4 TO 8 years old
DURATION:35 min.
AUDIENCE SIZE:150 children
STAGE SIZE: 24' x 14' x 12' (W x P x H)
KEYWORDS: Violin, strange sounds, mouvement, transformation


Creative team:

  • Marie-Hélène da Silva, artistic director and concept initiator
  • Joël da Silva, playwright and director
  • Allan Sutton, music adviser
  • Kévin Bergeron, production manager and technical director
  • Benoît Brodeur, sound programming
  • Gina Antinozzi, visual artist
  • Hélène Samuel, costume making
  • Christian Hamel, set up construction


  • Marie-Hélène da Silva, violonist, actress
  • Solène Derbal, pianist

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Photo credits: Caroline Robineau

There are no upcoming performances for this production.

Past shows

  • 11 February 2018
    Créatures at 14 h 00 min
    Salle Albert-Dumouchel 169, rue Champlain, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield