Violin on a String

A musical show for 7 to 12 years old kids

opus_Laureat_kOpus Prize 1997 – Best Production for Young Audience, Conseil québécois de la musique

Violin on a String introduces audiences to the lively and bubbly Madame Violon, who is head over heels for one particular four-stringed instrument. Using a slide projector, she shares her extensive knowledge in a humorous and whimsical way. The entire production unfolds under the friendly eye of her trusty piano accompanist, Herr Allan von Sutton, as they play their favourite works of music.

Where do violins come from? Who makes them? Who repairs them? What is their history? Madame Violon will reveal all and much more. She also takes great pleasure in answering questions from young audiences

Study Guide


A STUDY GUIDE is available for teachers interested in preparing children for the performance.

photo - Violin on a String
AGE: 7 TO 12 years old
DURATION:55 min.
AUDIENCE SIZE:200 children
STAGE SIZE: 15' x 15' x 10' (W x P x H)
KEYWORDS: Violin, Music History





  • Marie-Hélène da Silva or Marie-Soleil Bélanger and Allan Sutton

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Photos: Michel Dubreuil and Marc Monfet (

Also performed by Marie-Soleil Bélanger


What merits mention is the relevance of the information and the thoughtful selection made in presenting information, as well as the fantastic job by the Moulin à Musique team in making it all accessible (…) And when Madame Violon plays, those youngsters are fascinated. »

François Tousignant, Le Devoir, February 2nd 1995

Marie-Hélène da Silva is a highly talented teacher and actress, (…) very up-beat rhythm and diverse topics. She seems to be having fun asking trick questions, without ever insisting or repeating. She glides through her topic, touching on everything. As a result, you want to know more about the violin, maybe even learn to play it. Everything looks so easy! »

Guylaine Massoutre, Les Cahiers Théâtre Jeu, no.74, March 1995

Madame Violon is really energetic, and knows how to take charge of a lecture! Whether she is carried away by her own flights of lyricism, joking with her pianist (…) or asking for the audience’s involvement, she never loses her composure and always falls back on her feet. »

Sonia Sarfati, La Presse, January 27 1995


Superb performance by the duo, both from the musical and entertainment standpoint… something for every one, whatever age…»

Martine Joncas, Principal, Mgr Scheffer School, Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon, January 2009

I loved the show, it was very interesting. It was very well performed. I’m sure everyone enjoyed it very much. The sound was amazing. It was very good and funny all at the same time. I love the sound you made with the keyboard and violin. It sounded amazing. Maybe we will see you again sometime. Take care. »

A student from Harrington Harbour School, January 2009

There are no upcoming performances for this production.