Violin on a String on Tour in the Maritimes

Posted on June 10th, 2013

The Moulin à Musique’s delightful classic production Violin on a String will be on tour in the Maritimes from November 10th through the 18th. A must-see with family or with your school!

Violin on a String (in English)

November, 10 – 7 pm – Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre (106, Gerrish Street, Windsor, NS)

November, 13 – 2 pm – Riverview Arts Centre (400, Whitepine Road, Riverview, NB)

November, 15 and 16 – 10 am – Imperial Theatre (24, King Square, Saint-John, NB)

November, 18 – 11 am – Harbourfront Theatre (124, Harbour Drive, Summerside, IPE)

Un Violon sur l’épaule (in French)

November, 12 – 12.45 pm – École Beaubassin (54, Larry Uteck boul., Halifax, NS)

November 14 – 1 am – Centre des arts et de la culture (333, Acadie avenue, Dieppe, NB)


Violin on a String introduces audiences to the lively and bubbly Madame Violon, who is head over heels for one particular four-stringed instrument. Using a slide projector, she shares her extensive knowledge in a humorous and whimsical way. The entire production unfolds under the friendly eye of her trusty piano accompanist, Herr Allan von Sutton, as they play their favourite works of music.

Where do violins come from? Who makes them? Who repairs them? What is their history? Madame Violon also uncovers the sounds of violins from around the world: erhu (Chinese), soukou (African), and sarangi (Indian). She also takes great pleasure in answering questions from young audiences.

From 7 to 12 years old

Running Time: 55 minutes

Original idea: Marie-Hélène da Silva

Playright and director: Joël da Silva

Performers: Marie-Soleil Bélanger and Allan Sutton


“Madame Violin is really energetic, and knows how to take charge of a lecture! Whether she is carried away by her own flights of lyricism, joking with her pianist (…) or asking for the audience’s involvement, she never loses her composure and always falls back on her feet.” — Sonia Sarfati, La Presse