A musical production without words for children 4 years and up 

Strangeties is a performance in which no words are spoken. The idea stems from the desire to express life through what is felt. The production involves a series of short scenes in which the characters, often odd and full of facets, rhythms and complexity, engage youngsters’ curiosity and sensitivity.

Working together, violin and body convey the moods of each “strangety”. These “strangeties” express themselves through music and raw, soft or screeching sounds. Wearing different hats, they take a seat in the theatre of their lives.

Body and violin truly meld as the performance reveals the body language of these kindly “strangeties”. Whether cheery, wild, old or strange, they appear and disappear along with the moods they glean here and there in the world’s memory.


Marie-Hélène da Silva, artistic director and ideator/ Joël da Silva, playwright and director/ Allan Sutton, music advisor/ Kévin Bergeron, production manager and technical director/ Benoît Brodeur, audio programmer/ Gina Antinozzi, visual artist and hat-maker/ Hélène Samuel, costume-maker/ Christian Hamel, set builder

Marie-Hélène da Silva, violinist and actress
Solène Derbal, pianist

Duration : 45 minutes


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For childrens between 4 years old & +

Perfect for medium to large rooms

Available for International touring