Community actions

For over 15 years, Le Moulin à Musique has prioritized reaching youth where they are. With this in mind, we have crafted activities specifically for young audiences that help them forge links with the artists and the shows.

La Maîtresse rouge (2000) was our first show that involved young people directly. It required the participation of Grade 6 students, who busied themselves during the weeks prior to the show with preparing the entire school for the arrival of the mysterious Red Mistress. Pierre blanche (2006) was designed similarly; a choir made up of the school’s students was an integral part of the performance.  

In recent years, Le Moulin à Musique has continued to build relationships with the community. In 2015, we organized the Rosemont tour – a series of shows, activities and workshops in the Rosemont Petite-Patrie borough. Le Moulin à Musique also hosted several workshops with teenagers leading up to the creation of the multidisciplinary show, Nocturne… En plein sous l’astre de midi. Les chaises, a mediation project active throughout Quebec since September 2017, explores the musical and creative universe of children.

In the coming two years, Le Moulin à Musique will continue to reach out to young people, with Tableaux-Musique among others, a project designed for hospitalized children.