Tableaux Musique

For children from 2 to 5 years old

Duration: 30 minutes
Audience: 40 children maximum

Tableaux Musique is an exhilarating musical journey filled with sound and images. A small puppet theatre serves as the perfect setting for two musicians that animate a host of tiny puppets. Across a variety of environments, such as a hot sandy beach, an underwater seascape, a tropical forest or a snow-covered hill, toddlers navigate between dream and reality. In their own way, each child travels through the characters’ adventures and memories. Wielding a variety of instruments, backdrops and objects, they construct and deconstruct each sound and visual setting right before the young audience’s eyes.

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Creative Team

Original idea: Mélanie Cullin and Marie-Noëlle Choquette

Artistic direction: Marie-Hélène da Silva

Composition, staging and interpretation: Mélanie Cullin and Marie-Noëlle Choquette

Co-staging: Marie-Hélène da Silva

Soundtrack: Philippe da Silva

Visual arts: Fanny Bisaillon

Photos Credit : Marie-Noële Pilon


Technical Informations

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