In Ear’s Kitchen

For children from 8 to 12 years old

Duration: 45 minutes
Audience: 350 spectators

An elderly woman, both meticulous and reclusive, is threatened by the sudden presence of a dashing young man in her home. Each one having their own secrets, habits and pasts, they open up to each other in a very special-sounding kitchen. This impromptu meeting has many surprises in store for them both! The two characters are accompanied on their journey into the heart of music by two onstage musicians, creating musical moments that are comical, surprising and positive in a lively kitchen unlike any other. The show addresses themes of listening, sharing, helping one another and intergenerational relations.


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Creative Team

Authors: Marie-Hélène da Silva and Daniel Rancourt

Staging and Dramaturgy: Marcel Pomerlo

Staging Assistant: Sandrine Lemieux

Composer and Musical Director: Barah Héon-Morissette

Sound Design and Electroacoustic Music: collectif Trames

Set Design and Costumes: Marie-Eve Fortier

Lighting: Lucie Bazzo

Movement Coach: Danielle Lecourtois

Technical Director: Patrice Daigneault

Production Manager: Kevin Bergeron

Artistic Director: Marie-Hélène da Silva

Photos Credit : Benoît Z Leroux


Marie-Hélène da Silva, actress : Eve, reclusive elderly woman

Xavier Malo, actor-dancer : Louis, exuberant young man

Victor Alibert, clarinets : Louis’ friend and entrepreneur

Barah Héon-Morissette, percussionnist : Entrepreneur’s friend and sonic repairer

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